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Android Training & Development ( Mobile App )

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Android, App Developers are in High Demand. Shiksha360 provide Android Training in Lucknow, covers all major concepts and topics related to Android mobile App development and offers opportunity to work upon Real Live Projects developed in Android Environment.

Course Highlights:

  • 30+ practical exercises and 1+ major real-time industry based Live Project.
  • Good quality Article/Learning videos that enhances learner’s experience
  • Get Life time access to the course material and session videos
  • Ask your doubts any time during the session personally or post completion.
  • 10 Day Money back guarantee with no questions asked.
  • We assist your queries on anytime 24x7 through email, phone or live chat.

Training Formats:

1. Regular Classes

  • Days: Mon to Fri(5days)
  • Time: 2Hours/Day

2. Alternate Days Classes

  • Days: Mon, Wed, Fri
  • Days: Tue, Thru, Sat
  • Time: 3Hours/Day

3. Full Day Fast Track Courses

  • Days: Thru-Fri-Sat-Sun
  • Time: 9:30AM - 5:30PM

4. Full Day Courses(on Weekand)

  • Days: Sat, Sun(Weekend)
  • Time: 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM

Course Pricing & Discount

  • 10% off– If registration done 10 days in Advance by an Individual (Self-Funded)
  • 10% off – Group of 2+ participants
  • 10% off– Alumni / X-Student
  • 50% off-- Corporate Sponsored/Funded candidate
  • No two discount can be clubbed together
  • Cheque Payable at : Sarthi Seva Samiti
  • Cash-Deposit: Cash Counter on Training office(Lucknow/Noida)
  • Corporate sponsored participants have to pay full amount towards their participation and they have to get a letter/email from HR-Department of their organization for confirmation of their
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Course : Android Training in Lucknow

UI Widgets

  • Working with Button
  • Toast , Custom Toast Button
  • Toggle Button, Switch Button
  • Button , Image Button
  • CheckBox, AlertDialog, Spinner
  • AutoCompleteTextView
  • RatingBar, DatePicker, TimePicker
  • ProgressBar, Quick Contact Budge
  • Analog Clock and Digital Clock
  • Working with hardware
  • File Download

Activity, Intent & Fragment n.

  • Ac Activity Lifecycle
  • Activity Example
  • Implicit Intent
  • Explicit Intent
  • Fragment Lifecycle
  • Fragment Example
  • Dynamic Fragment
  • Android Menu
  • Option Menu
  • Context Menu
  • Popup Menu

Activity, Intent & Fragment n.

  • Relative Layout
  • Linear Layout
  • Table Layout Grid Layout
  • Adaptor, Array Adaptor
  • ArrayList Adaptor
  • Base Adaptor
  • View, GridView, WebView
  • ScrollView
  • SearchView, TabHost
  • DynamicListView
  • ExpandedListView

Layout Manager

  • Relative Layout
  • Linear Layout
  • Table Layout Grid Layout
  • Adaptor, Array Adaptor
  • ArrayList Adaptor
  • Base Adaptor
  • View, GridView, WebView
  • ScrollView
  • SearchView, TabHost
  • DynamicListView
  • ExpandedListView

Shiksha360 offers Best Android Training in Lucknow . Android Training course covers topics on how to develop, design and build applications for Android. Android is a software stack for mobile devices that includes an operating system, middleware and key applications. It contains an operating system based on the Linux kernel, required middleware and some essential applications.

Android platform was initially developed by Android Inc. The Android Training & Development program proceeds a student from the basics of Android programming to generating small and large Android apps. The Android Course explains the student how to develop, program, design and visualize Android apps and also selling them in the Android marketplace. Our developers and trainee currently have hundreds of apps live in the Google App Store that they have developed for clients.

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Android Training in Lucknow

Android Service

  • Android Service
  • Android Service API
  • Android Started Service
  • Android Bound Service
  • Android Service Life Cycle
  • Android Service Example

SQLite & XML & JSON Parsing

  • SQLite API
  • SQLite Spinner
  • SQLite ListView
  • XML Parsing SAX
  • XML Parsing DOM
  • XML Pull Parser
  • JSON Parsing

Content Provider

  • Content Proivider Fundamental
  • Contact Content Provider
  • Creating Custom Content Provider
  • Understanding Content URI
  • ContentResolver
  • Sharing Information from custom content provider

Android Notification

  • Notification API
  • Creating Notification Builder
  • Setting Notification Properties
  • Attaching Actions Issuing Notification
  • NotificationCompat.Builder class
  • Android Notification Examples

Data Storage

    Data Storage
  • Shared Preferences
  • Internal Storage
  • External Storage
  • Wallpapaer , Live Wallpaper
  • Multimedia API
  • Playing Audio, Video
  • Creating Audio Player
  • Alarm Manager
  • Gallery

Telephony API & Connectivity

    Telephony API
  • Telephony Manager
  • Get Call State
  • Call State BroadcastReceiver
  • Simple Caller Talker
  • Making Phone Call
  • Send SMS, Send Email
    Device Connectivity
  • Bluetooth Tutorial
  • List Paired Devices
  • Working with WiFi, Camera

Android Graphics & Animation

    Android Graphics
  • Graphics API
  • 2D Graphics
  • android.graphics.Canvas Class
  • android.graphics.Paint class
    Android Animation
  • Android Animation API
  • Android Drawable class
  • Android Animation Example
  • Android Fade, Rotate Animation
  • Android Zoom Animation Gallery

Location API & Google Map

    Location API
  • Location API Fundamental
  • Example of Android Location API
  • Working with Google Maps
    Google Map
  • Android Map V2 API
  • Adding Map
  • Customizing Map
  • GoogleMap class
  • Android Google Map Applica